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Rune Christensen photography

Rune Christensen

Project manager

+47 31420938

Elton Jeff Bulotano photography

Elton Jeff Bulotano

CEO The Philippines

+63 324106475

Anders Opås photography

Anders Opås

Sales, telephony systems

+47 46004655

Håkon Diep photography

Håkon Diep

Project manager

+47 98699617

Daniel Mikkelsen photography

Daniel Mikkelsen


+47 99279251

Ole-Christian Utskot photography

Ole-Christian Utskot

CEO Mexico

+47 23966262

Karoline D. Mortensen photography

Karoline D. Mortensen

Project coordinator

+47 94818908

Jonathan Ibsen photography

Jonathan Ibsen


+47 93836362

We protect our employees. If you need to get in touch with someone not listed here, please contact us centrally or contact one of our managers.

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