The Company - Copyleft Solutions

What is Copyleft Solutions?

We are a combination of subsidiaries and teams distributed across the globe, but we make up a whole and we constitute one culture.

We were founded in Oslo, Norway, in 2000 and are wholly owned by our employees and former employees.

  • We combine design, development and operations in coordinated teams.
  • We are Free and Open Source Software specialists.
  • We have our own server infrastructure in Norway.
  • Our systems last a long time, typically 10-20 years.
  • We deliver 24/7 with offices in America, Europe and Asia
  • We take our smaller customers as seriously as we do our largest ones.
  • We are technologists and professionals without much administration or sales.

Copyleft Solutions AS

The oldest and largest of the companies, headquartered in Oslo, Norway.

Kloner AS

Specialists in webshops and websites.

Copyleft SA de CV

The Mexican version of Copyleft.

Host1 AS

Domains and web hosting.

Telefactory AS

Tailored telephony systems and telephony payment.

Copyleft DOO

The Serbian version of Copyleft

Copyandpaste Ltd.

Developers and support technicians who work from the Philippines.

Main offices


Norway is our main market and our largest office is in central Oslo. Here are 25 of our employees, while another five are working from other places in Norway such as Bergen, Trondheim, Hamar and Kristiansand.

The Philippines

Our office in the Philippines is in Cebu City, where both Norwegians and Philippinos work in a tightly knit team, producing webshops and websites. This office also handles much of our administration.


In Mexico we have two large teams, one in Mexico City and one on the Pacific coast in Puerto Escondido. There are both Mexicans and Norwegians working here, and in Mexico we also have a significant amount of local customers.

Short History

Copyleft Solutions was started in 1999 and was incorporated in 2000. We managed to enjoy about one year of the Dot Com bubble before it burst, and after this we changed focus from development to system administration. Over time we built up again the development department, but system administration has remained in our DNA and now 20 years later it represents a significant part of our business.

In 2004 we stated an office in Mexico, and in 2012 an office in the Philippines. Underway, we have also been joined by experts and specialists from around the world, working for us from places like Serbia, India and Argentina.

Our focus on design as a major part of our business started in 2014, and we quickly discovered how much designers could contribute to making better systems and services. Design is now as important for us as development and system administration, and we are still growing our design department.

In 2017 we entered the telephony market at the operator level in Norway, and founded Telefactory AS. Here we work with connecting advanced telephony to business systems, apps and the web.

In 2021 we look back on a difficult year of COVID-19 and are looking forward to return to our offices and engange with our customers again!

76 employees

7 countries, 15 cities

21 years

981 m²

2656 customers

3708 domains

959 servers


...that we own and manage

...our largest systems are developed in Common Lisp.

...we manage FIX, the only remaining BBS in Norway

...we sponsor a car in Rally Mexico.

...we practice apprenticeships, and that some of our best people started as apprentices.